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Black Cats Get A Sexy Advocate

"Black" is the new "Tabby," according to Cat Whisperer

Celebrity cat behaviorist Mieshelle Nagelschneider, who has worked with the likes of actress Charlize Theron, is on a mission to make black cats more popular and mainstream among foster parents and potential adopters.

Black cats have been cursed by myth, legend and lore for centuries. A few years ago, Nagelschneider appeared on Australia's The Circle while Down Under to promote her scholarly-cited guide to domestic cat behavior---The Cat Whisperer---by Random House.

According to Nagelschneider, "The plight of the black cat has not improved much as black cats remain the last to be adopted from shelters, if they get adopted at all." Although some cultures do hold black cats in high regard, many condemn them. Black cats have been ostracized and oppressed for centuries in North America and elsewhere.

"Sadly many black cats are overlooked in U.S. shelters," said noted New York animal activist and black cat rescuer Wayne Morris. "There are a few factors why this is the case. One is that they are hard to photograph and another is the superstitious nonsense surrounding them. In addition, when visiting a shelter, we are naturally drawn to color. A Ginger cat, for example, will attract a person's glance and in general black fur color will be glanced over."

The sexy, smart and stylish Cat Whisperer has set out on a campaign of sorts to make "black" the new "tabby" in hopes of generating public interest in cats that come in black. As a tribute to these parlor panthers the cat behaviorist to the stars, a celebrity in her own right, will wear black on August 17th, which is Black Cat Appreciation Day.

Nagelschneider notes that she has clients that only adopt black cats. The behaviorist conducts skype consults worldwide through her Cat Behavior Clinic. She is also an advocate of conserving wild cat species and is collaborating with Dr. Jordan Schaul on domestic and wild cat books.

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