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Watch This Loyal Bird Bring His Unconscious Friend Back To Life

A remarkable video has emerged showing the actions of a little robin whose friend was knocked unconscious after crashing into a window.

YouTube/Awad Zidane

Although it's unclear at first whether the injured bird had survived the collision, her body lying motionless, her companion still refused to leave her behind. Instead, he is seen trying to coax her out of that lifeless state - an effort which, at first, seems heartbreakingly futile.

But then the unexpected happens.

By the video's end, the injured bird is seen flying away, seemingly without serious injury - thanks to the persistence of her loyal friend.

In terms of anatomy and behavior, it's easy to think that by seeing one bird you've seen all their kind. But while there's much to be gleaned from that broader take, more beautiful yet is seeing them as individuals in a moment like this - a keyhole view that hints at a depth we may never fully come to understand.

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