Bird Knows How To Play Fetch Just Like A Dog

Boo is a 16-year-old cockatoo with a bit of quirky backstory to match her equally quirky habit.

Her former name was Quimby, back when her owners thought that she was a boy. One New Year's Eve, she laid an egg on her dad's lap, quickly proving otherwise and earning a name change.

Despite this, Boo's still been up to her same old tricks alongside her partner-in-crime, a 14-year-old male cockatoo named Binkley. They pretty much do everything together, from eating ...

... to giving their dad kisses ...

... or Christmas cuddles ...

... and just plain ol' climbing the stairs.

But Boo in particular seems as if she can't get enough of playing a good game of fetch.

Facebook/PinknBink Toos

Never have we seen a bird run so fast with her eye on the prize.

Facebook/PinknBink Toos

With every toss, Boo brings the disc back without fail.

Facebook/PinknBink Toos

Binkley, on the other hand, doesn't appear to be that into playing fetch. Maybe he just prefers dancing? After all, he's really good at it.

See what Boo gets up to while playing fetch in the video:

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