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Bird Is Very Excited To Find A Snack — Until It Starts Bouncing

<p>YouTube/Alex Baggett<span></span></p>

A bird who happened upon what he must have thought was an endless buffet of delicious treats soon found himself thoroughly perplexed, especially around the part when the food started bouncing.

As it turns out, the seriema, a foraging bird native to South America, hadn't really found a meal at all. Though it might have looked a bit like an egg, this particular object wasn't so easy to crack. Undeterred, the bird used his tried and true method of breaking open hard-to-eat food by slamming it on a solid surface - but that's when things got very confusing.

The seriema's supposed snack was sub par to say the least, but his isn't the first time an animal has mistaken a golf ball for a tasty treat.

Here's a seagull who, like the seriema, was sure he'd found something delicious to eat, only to wind up disappointed. In this instance, however, he wasn't the only one who was left a bit miffed by the mix-up.