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Bipedal Bear Spotted Taking A Stroll Through Neighborhood

For the first time in months, a beloved wild bear named Pedals has been seen on the move through a New Jersey neighborhood, moseying along just as he had before - up on two legs, like a big furry person.

Pedals was first spotted in the area last summer, but back then it wasn't certain that he could survive for long. The black bear was found to be missing part of one of his front limbs. Being short one paw would obviously make every task that much more of a challenge - but incredibly, he found a way to cope.

Not only did he adopt a new way of walking, as this recent sighting proves, he was evidently able to still forage for enough food to last him through the long, cold winter.

Here's Pedals now, captured on video this week strolling through a man's backyard.

The bipedal bear has become a celebrity of sorts, garnering more than 10,000 followers on a Facebook page set up in his honor. There, many have called for Pedal to be relocated to a sanctuary, fearing that his physical impediment could make surviving too difficult for him in the wild.

So far though, wildlife officials have chosen to let Pedals be - but they've said they'll step in if a time comes when his life depends on it. Fortunately, from the looks of it, the hardy bear is still doing fine on his own.