Billy Joel's Incredibly Convincing Argument Against Ivory Piano Keys

Singer Billy Joel took to his blog to provide the perfect response to musicians who argue that they need ivory keys for their pianos. The artist posted the statement in light of a recent push to ban the sale of ivory in New York -- his home state. Joel writes:

I wholeheartedly support the ivory sales ban bill pending in New York State. I am a piano player. And I realize that ivory piano keys are preferred by some pianists. But a preference for ivory keys does not justify the slaughter of 96 elephants every day. There are other materials which can be substituted for piano keys. But magnificent creatures like these can never be replaced. Music must never be used as an excuse to destroy an endangered species. Music should be a celebration of life - not an instrument of death.

This isn't the first time the musician has spoken out on behalf of animals -- he teamed up with Beth Stern (Howard Stern's wife) to raise funds for the North Shore Animal League, and even adopted a pug named Rosie who was rescued from a puppy mill.

The New York State Senate approved the bill that would bans the trade of ivory antiques already. Now, it's headed to Governor Cuomo for approval.