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Abused Puppy Suffered Silently But Never Stopped Loving

<p> Beth Hucke </p>

Meet Biggs of Sunrays Pit Bull Rescue in Lehigh Valley, PA.

Beth Hucke

Biggs was surrendered with one of his siblings to Animal Care and Control Team (ACCT) in Philadelphia by a breeder. Philadelphia SPCA, in an attempt to help ACCT with their over-population, took both puppies to their facility. They noticed that Biggs had a significant limp, so they did a series of x-rays. The preliminary diagnosis was a left elbow incongruity and bilateral hip dysplasia. This diagnosis put him on the "rescue only urgent list." They reached out to Sunrays Pit Bull Rescue and within days, two of the board directors evaluated Biggs and brought him to me. I am one of their most active fosters and take a lot of their medical cases - Biggs is my 42nd foster.

Biggs got here on a Thursday night. I met the girls outside to greet him and as soon as I saw the giant smile on his face as he gimped towards me, my heart melted. He is the happiest, most lovable wiggle-butt out there. He just kisses everyone and wants nothing but belly rubs. I made an appointment to see my orthopedic specialist, Dr. Ross from Crown Veterinary Specialists. Since we were told Biggs' limp was due to congenital issues we made the first available appointment - which was the next Tuesday. When we arrived, Biggs greeted everyone with wags and kisses - the staff fell in love.

Dr. Ross came in to share the bad news and the tears rolled off my face. Biggs' injuries were not congenital, he actually had two fractures - his humerus and femur - that were already in the healing stages. She estimated them to be around two to two and a half-weeks old, putting the injury time at just prior to his surrender to the shelter.

Beth Hucke

She recommended surgery immediately to the humerus and Biggs went in a few hours later. The staff loved him so much and everyone had pictures of him. We picked him up the next afternoon and despite all he had been through, he met us with his tail wagging and kisses for everyone. Biggs is on strict crate rest, but is still all smiles. He will have his stitches removed on Monday and begin approximately eight weeks of physical therapy next Thursday.

The femur is chipped and there is a bone chip free floating. The femur will be rechecked at his follow-up to see if the chip has absorbed; if not, he will more than likely need another surgery to have that removed.

While we don't know how his injuries occurred, we do know is that he will never suffer at the hands of an abuser again. The rescue has set up a YouCaring link to raise the funding for his surgery, physical therapy and follow up x-rays of Biggs' femur fracture.

Beth Hucke

Biggs is now 14-weeks old and has brought so much joy to our lives. Every day we are amazed that this adorable boy endured so much pain for two weeks yet still trusts and loves everyone he meets. He loves to cuddle, loves having his belly rubbed and loves to sit and give kisses. Biggs is on the mend and will know nothing but love from this point on. Please support Sunrays Pit Bull Rescue on Facebook.

Thank you!
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Valerie Bruder Photography