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9 Big Dogs Who Think They're Small Dogs

1. "What are you talking about? This is how you're SUPPOSED to fit in a chair."

(Reddit: for-fox-sake)

2. "I think that by 'ottoman' you actually mean 'tummy rest.'"

(Reddit: wr3stler)

3. "I'm pretty much the perfect lap dog."

(Reddit: Softmute)

4. "I ... I thought for a moment that I was a cat. I realize now that I was mistaken."

(Reddit: ScaryStingRay)

5. "No, no, I really like sleeping this way."

(Reddit: gassygus)

6. "I've just gotten a bit shapely around the hips, that's all."

(Reddit: icydog)

7. "Gee, I never realized how small your bed is!"

(Reddit: kakianyx)

8. "I'm pretty sure this coffee table shrunk."

(Reddit: AreYouLikeAnAlbino)

9. "Ah ... perfect. It's like it was made for me!"

(YouTube: RM Videos)

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