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Big Dog And Tiny Horse Have A Friendship That's Just Right

When choosing a sparring partner, it's a good idea to pick someone from a similar weight class. That's just what Tara, a foal-sized Stafford, found in Aladdin, a dog-sized miniature horse.

In a series of videos by Facebook user Anja Heppener, the adorable duo can be seen nuzzling, racing - even wrestling.

Heppener, a stable manager at Dreamcatchers Minipaarden outside Amsterdam, told the Daily Mail that Tara often plays with the horses on the farm and likes to believe she's "one of them."

According to Heppener, however, Aladdin is no less unique.

"He is a very special and versatile little colt," writes Heppener. "He is a clown, adventurer, seahorse."

In the end, it's to hard say which of the two, Tara or Aladdin, acts more like a dog, but clearly both love horsing around.