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Big Dog Carries Little Dog Everywhere They Go

"He doesn't seem to mind at all."

<p>David Mazzarella<span></span></p>

Lulu and Blizzard met when Lulu was just a puppy. She joined her new family when she was very young, and so Blizzard became her protective big brother. She followed him everywhere, and he made her feel safe.

David Mazzarella

"She took to Blizzard as her parent," David Mazzarella, the pair's dad, told The Dodo. "She started sleeping on his back for warmth and comfort."

David Mazzarella

Soon, Lulu wasn't just sleeping on Blizzard's back - she was also riding on his back, too.

David Mazzarella

Now, Blizzard carries Lulu everywhere they go. Whether they're doing some sightseeing ...

David Mazzarella

... taking a hike ...

David Mazzarella

... or just hanging out watching TV, Lulu is always perched on top of Blizzard, her favorite place to be. And Blizzard seems to like having her up there, too.

David Mazzarella

"He doesn't seem to mind at all," Mazzarella said.

And of course, if Lulu ever isn't on Blizzard's back, she demands to get back up. After all, Blizzard is a pretty sweet ride.

Lulu and Blizzard are the best of friends, and Blizzard will carry Lulu anywhere and everywhere for as long as she wants.

David Mazzarella
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