At the Center for Animal Research and Education, or C.A.R.E., rescue workers have the good fortune of fostering and taking care of some pretty adorable big cats. And it turns out that these big felines aren't so different from your domestic house cat. Except for, you know, their enormous teeth and dangerous claws and massive bodies...

The cats will occasionally rub against their care takers to show affection.

Big cats enjoy showing off their bellies, too! 

Finding the perfect sun spot = pure happiness.

Nobody relaxes harder than a lion, y'all. 

Some pretty epic napping going on here...

... and I do mean EPIC.

Imagine if your upholstery had to stand up to THIS dude.

Sometimes even leopards need to cuddle with their stuffed animal.

Anything can be a toy!

Although playtime can sometimes get a bit out of hand. 

Despite all the cuteness, it's definitely important to remember that these majestic creatures belong in the wild and should NOT be kept as pets! The C.A.R.E rescue facility is all about giving homes to exotic animals in need. Learn more about these awesome animals and how you can help here!