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Big Cat Sanctuary Welcomes Three Adorable Lion Cubs


Update: It's come to our attention that it's very unlikely that a legitimate big cat sanctuary would sanction or allow breeding in captivity.

Recently the Center for Animal Research and Education welcomed the birth of three little lion cubs to their sanctuary. The CARE center is devoted to giving homes to exotic animals in need.
The cubs came as quite an unexpected surprise: their dad, Mwali, is less than two years old, and male lions generally reach sexual maturity at about three years old. Nevertheless, the birth was a pleasant surprise, and the babies were welcomed into the CARE family.

The three cubs, Araali, Jelani, and Zuberi, are all boys and seem to have playful personalities already:

Zuberi enjoys (and concentrates intently on!) his breakfast.

Outdoor exploring is also part of the daily agenda! Dahlia the llama is quizzical about these fuzzy newcomers.

So much adventuring can be tiring for a baby lion!

Sometimes cubs can't help getting a little bit messy...

... but these brothers are spunky and playful, and seem to be off to a great start!

You can read more about the other animals being cared for at the sanctuary here!

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