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Beautiful Ceremony Honors Pets Who Will Never Be Forgotten

You can be a part of it.

We may never totally get over the loss of a loved one, but on September 29, a ceremony will honor the pets who have touched our lives.

Best Friends Animal Society - an animal rescue organization whose mission is to bring about a time when there will be no more homeless pets - built a place called Angels Rest, where the yearly celebration takes place.

The blessing, which, this year, will be the seventh annual blessing, celebrates "the unbreakable bonds we share with animals and honors those forever in our hearts."

Nestled in the red rocks and canyons of Utah, the cemetery's paths are lined with statues of animals, and little pebbles scrawled with messages.

"Angels Rest is a site of profound beauty and sacredness," Best Friends writes. "Even on still days, you can hear the sound of its many wind chimes, representing those who have so deeply touched our lives."

One such animal was a dog named Bogart, who passed away on July 13 of this year, the day after his 15th birthday.

Best Friends Animal Society

"I loved him very much and have been blessed with him since he was three and a half years old," Suzanne Keefer, a Best Friends member who plans to take part in this year's ceremony, said. "He was a rescue so I just wanted to help some wonderful dog make it to a forever home and bring joy to someone else."

"In the early days of Best Friends, we decided to have a place for burial for the animals who had passed away here. And that was for respect," Cyrus Mejia, co-founder of Best Friends, said. "We make a commitment to every animal who comes into the sanctuary that we will care for them and give them the respect they may not have had in their lives - and even beyond their lives."

The memorial ceremony at Angels Rest in 2015. | Best Friends Animal Society

Watch last year's blessing below: