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Being human. Being humané.

Being humane or just a human being, either way the human evolution cursed a doom to the entire earth including those first inhabitants-the animals. We refuse to believe that they feel emotional hurting, loss, grief or psychological torment from being beaten. And just because they cannot protest using language that we understand we discard them, believing they can feel nothing, and treat them as low as that. Scientific proof has shown thru behavioral and observational sessions with all animals that they r beyond what we think they. Research has shown they think and feel just like any other creature and in fact, some animals have connections far deeper than human beings such as intricate family social structures like those seen in a pod of orcas or a herd of elephants.

When Elephants Weep sums up within the title when an Asian elephant was seen to shed actual tears thru an emotional loss of her calf, she carried the carcass for many days before she left it. A few months on and it was noted that she returned to collect the bones of her baby and bury them in an elephant graveyard where her family inc the grandmother and aunts were there to bid a final farewell, a ceremonial tradition similar to that of a human funeral, after all we do have the DNA which began in such animals we disregard today, unfortunately we evolved a brain that learnt how to hate and kill, our own kind and the animals as well.

The following is a Diary entry of Jane Goodall during one of her times observing chimpanzee social behaviours:"All is not as humans wish it to be among our evolutionary cousins. one has to empathise with Jane Goodall's reaction to chimpanzee treatment of one old animal, his legs wholly paralysed by polio, who was lonely, shunned and sometimes attacked by those who were still healthy. In the hope of inducing companions who were grooming each other to groom him as well, he dragged himself up into a tree:"With a loud grunt of pleasure he reached a hand towards them in greeting - but even before he made contact they both swung quickly away and, without a backward glance, started grooming on the far side of the tree. For a full two minutes, old Gregor sat motionless, staring after them. And then he laboriously lowered himself to the ground. As i watched him sitting there alone, my vision blurred, and when i looked up at the groomers in the tree I came nearer to hating a chimpanzee than i have ever done before or since. "

Human beings ARE (In my opinion) natures cruelest discovery and the fastest way to really end the most uniquely diverse environment in -possibly- the universe. Good job, not! Because this flawed design we be, will soon suffer the consequences. After all, we are what Mother Nature failed in her creation-we were made and then we made the world bend to our needs. Humans have used, abused, neglected, shamed, tortured and ignored in every way we now how to. By definition we have come to believe that to be human is exactly that, to inhibit things such as being in love, laughing, feeling emotional and physical pain, blushing from embarrassment etc, and so believe animals are 'unfeeling brutes'. These theories have all been proven wrong over the years yet sadly today some still believe that without these 'qualities', you're not worth compassion, respect, dignity or love. The animals deserve our humanity, it's all they have in a human world.