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13 Before And After Photos Of Pets Who Never Stopped Snuggling

For some furry friends, cuddling is a lifelong endeavor.

"13 years later, they still sleep together every night."

"What a difference 7 months makes."

"I always loved that they slept like this as puppies, and after a year and a half they still do!"

"it took one day for Kaito to adopt Marty. Two years later they are still best buds."

"[H]ere are my dogs almost 1 year ago and today. They are sisters and still love to sleep together."

"Here are my little rascals six months later still cuddling together when they sleep."

"The difference 3 months makes. Corgi for scale."

"2 years later and they still cuddle together."

"Snuggle buddies for life"

"After nearly two years of living together, they still cuddle like this..."

"These two have been cuddle buddies for years"

"6 years later and they still sleep the same exact way"

"He's been my furry cuddle buddy for 16 years now."