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Dog Is So Popular He Sleeps In Shelter’s Office Instead Of A Kennel

He survived a gunshot wound — now he just needs a family who loves him.

Beefcakes' earliest journal entries read a little bit like the Diary of a Broken Dog.

Excerpts, from July 2015, note "skilled surgeons working hard to address the issue of his badly broken jaw ... "

Of course, the dog didn't actually write them. One of his caregivers at the Longmont Humane Society kept careful notes after he arrived with a gunshot wound to his head.

" ... third surgery on Friday evening ... "

"Multiple procedures to repair and stabilize ... "

But note after painstaking note eventually yields to a change in tone.

"Healing nicely ... "

"Friendly with people of all ages ... "

And then those journal entries start to read like the Diary of an Unbreakable Heart.

Last year, Beefcakes became one of the most famous dogs in Colorado, not only surviving a gunshot at close range but bouncing back into a lovable dog who quickly found a real home.

Only that home wasn't to last. In September, a death in the family sent the celebrity dog back to the Longmont Humane Society.

"With the change in the family dynamic they made the decision to return him. They really, really loved him. It's just tragic circumstances," Carrie Brackenridge, marketing and communications manager at the shelter, tells The Dodo.

But it didn't mean Beefcakes was back at the beginning. He had already charmed everyone at the shelter during his first stay there.

In fact, Beefcakes is so beloved among shelter staff and volunteers, he doesn't even live in a kennel. He calls a staff member's office home.

"He gets a lot of people smiling every single day," Brackenridge says. "That's really how he prefers things. He adores being in the company of people. We all love being around him. He just makes people happy."

Beefcakes' fame, however, never goes to his head. In fact, Beefcakes is once again waiting for someone to take him home - with his trademark smile.

"He has a lot of interest from the community," Brackenridge notes. "We just haven't seen him get a lot of visits since he's been back."

But while his heart has proven bullet-proof, it's not, as caregivers noted, murmur-proof.

"He's going to be on medication to support his heart for the rest of his life," Brackenridge says.

The shelter is looking to find a home for Beefcakes in the Boulder County area, so staff can deliver him directly to his lucky new adoptive family.

And Beefcakes, if you haven't guessed already, would prefer to be someone's one-and-only.

Because he's looking to write one last chapter of his miraculous life: Diary of a Forever Dog.

Think you could help him co-write it? Get in touch with the Longmont Humane Society through its adoption page.