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Because they deserve better!

Hi fellow animal lovers! This is Carmen Watkins from the Philippines... For as long as I can remember we've had dogs and cats as part of our family. Each arrival is greatly rejoiced over and a passing of one is deeply mourned. It is because of this that I yearned to be part of an advocacy that will greatly promote animal welfare.

Then I came across this on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Justice-for-Dogs-at-Pasig-City-Pound/446428738822041?fref=tsand I knew this was the perfect opportunity to make a dream of mine... a reality.

The moment I laid my eyes on them I just couldn't help but cry.... they all seemed to have that same look in their eyes...a look that said..."Please take me home!" You see I came to know that although these dogs were housed in a government facility...it was actually through the generous and compassionate donations of a few volunteers and sponsors that they are able to eat and have access to clean drinking water. Even their vetting especially for medical emergencies are personally shouldered by volunteers themselves...and if there's spare cash from the donations--then that is used!

We have been waiting for the city government's action but until then we-- the few volunteers and donors cannot stop from doing what we're doing! They can only rely on us.. to be their voice...to speak up for them...to stand up and fight for their rights!

So with this may we invite you to check our page on FB on the above link and on IG at instagram.com/justicefordogs so you can see the journey our dogs are going through!