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Rescuers Wait For Sleepy Baby Beaver To Wake Up For His Breakfast

When they found him, he had been crying and swimming alone for three days.

"Good morning," Dan at Wild Heart Ranch, a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation center in Claremore, Oklahoma, said in a Facebook video on Friday. "I promised everybody I would send a morning video."

The star of the video is a very sleepy baby beaver named Rocky.

And Dan is using the time while Rocky is still groggy to update all his fans.

"Here he is waking up for his morning breakfast," Dan explained. "Beavers are kind of temperamental. Rocky doesn't want to eat yet because he's not fully awake."

Facebook/Wild Heart Ranch

Rocky was rescued when a man heard a sound like crying by a lake. When he investigated around the boat dock, he discovered the little beaver kit. People told him that the little baby had been crying and swimming alone for three days.

Rocky was brought to the care of Wild Heart Ranch this week. "Knowing how intelligent, delicate, needy and emotional beaver kits are, this story just broke my heart," the organization wrote on Facebook. "So glad we are here!"

The patience and understanding of his rescuers is already going a long way.

When Rocky fully wakes up, he eats quite a lot. And he's showing a lot of energy.

After just a few days, Rocky's just about outgrown his box.

He'll go to a bigger box, and a bigger one, and eventually he'll be strong enough to go back to the wild.

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