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Hungry Bears See Food Truck, Totally Freak Out

It's clear what motivates these chubby bears.

A video recently posted to Facebook shows a group of bears spotting the truck that delivers their meals each day - and they can't contain their glee. They excitedly amble after the truck, gathering more and more friends as the truck cruises down the road.


Facebook/International Animal Rescue

Facebook/International Animal Rescue

"We can't stop watching," wrote International Animal Rescue (IAR), which runs the sanctuary in India where the rescued bears live.

While these happy bears are enough to bring a smile to anyone's face, the clip is all the more poignant considering where many of them came from. IAR runs the sanctuary as a home for bears rescued from the hands of poachers and dancing bear trainers, where they faced lifetimes of abuse and neglect.

"It is an amazing sight to see these bears running excited and free towards some yummy treats," IAR wrote. "Long gone are their days spent at the end of a rope being forced to perform."

Thanks to IAR's kindness, they can now look forward to happy and healthy futures.

Watch the full clip here.

To help support IAR and the animals the group cares for (and to give the bears something to run after), you can make a donation here:

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