Bears Caught Dancing Like Nobody's Watching

This went on for 30 minutes straight.

Of course, bears have no idea when they're on camera. So when these friends stepped in front of a trail camera in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, last month, they danced to their own beat.

And the rest of us got a very unique glimpse into the secret lives of bears. It turns out, they've got happy feet.

"These bears carried on like this for around 30 minutes in front of the trail cam," Julia Shultz wrote in a Facebook post. The camera, she added, was operated by her cousin at the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

There are more images, she adds, but have haven't been posted to Facebook yet. In them, she says, the bears are seen giving each other head locks and play wrestling.

Of course like all good things, the fur and frolic had to come to an end, as the bears wrapped up their waltz in the woods and ambled off.

But the magic of this trailside tango is an endearing reminder of why it's so vital to help keep bears in the wild. There's a lot you can do to support these majestic animals, including sponsoring them individually and letting your elected leaders how you feel about efforts to conserve them.

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