Grizzly Bear Wants No Part In Filming Reality Show

<p> <a href="">YouTube/LiveLeak</a><span></span> </p>

This just in from the realm of ridiculous: Footage of a grizzly bear attacking a transparent cube with a woman inside it is sweeping the internet.

Reportedly from the Japanese show "Sekai No Hate Madde ItteQ!," the 15 seconds of totally unnecessary video footage exploits the captive bear's reaction to the annoying, screaming cube-of-a-woman to gather more viewers.


The woman holds a camera as she wails, filming the bear's reaction. In the bear's place - trapped in a cage and taunted for sensational film coverage - well, we'd probably do the same thing he does.


The show has also, apparently, dressed up a man in leopard-print shorts and had him ride on a tiger.

The takeaway? Human beings are the only animals "brilliant" enough to come up with such jaw-droppingly idiotic ideas.


Watch the full absurd video here:

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