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The Sadness Of Zoo Animals, In One Photograph

A bear sits alone at the bottom of a concrete pit while children gawk at him.

Peter Marlow/Magnum Photos
Peter Marlow/Magnum Photos

The image, which seems almost like something out of a sad fable, perfectly captures the desolation and deprivation of zoos that cater to human entertainment.

Peter Marlow snapped the image at Russia's Kaliningrad Zoo in 2001. Sadly, nearly 15 years later, bears still appear to populate enclosures like this. As a more recent video shows, zoo bears stand on the edge of a platform and beg for the apples amused visitors throw to them.

These beautiful animals seem so far from the wild forests where they belong.

And they aren't the only "exhibit" at the Kaliningrad Zoo. A shark reportedly had a nervous breakdown because visitors kept pounding on the glass of his tank.

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