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Bear Needs Rescue After His Tummy Betrays Him

The rumblings of an empty stomach were evidently persuasive enough to overtake this bear's better judgment - and what happened next could have killed him.

Wildlife officials in Maryland were alerted to the animal's unfortunate situation on Monday after he was spotted wandering around a rural area with his head stuck inside a metal milk canister. Despite his predicament, the bear was reportedly calm, but he was tranquilized anyway so officials could use an electric hand saw to free him, the Associated Press reports.

Afterward, the newly-freed bear was seen moseying back into the woods. Fortunately, his was found to be a healthy weight, so finding less-risky meals apparently hasn't been a problem.

It's not uncommon for bears and other wild animals to get their heads trapped in garbage cans while foraging for food. Officials say this problem can be avoided by not littering, using wildlife-proof trashcans and cleaning out recyclables of any food remains.