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Bald Dog Who Was Scared Of Everything Gets A Brother Who's Just Like Him

They sleep by each other's side every night.

When a little half-bald dog lost his home, he found a new one through social media - and ended up with a new big brother who's bald, too.

Dumpling's former owner found him on Craigslist, but she only kept him for three months because he didn't get along with her children. She gave him up to Tender Loving Crested Rescue in Texas, where staffers were more than happy to take the sweet little guy in.

Dumpling is half Chinese crested and half Chihuahua, which is why he is bald and patchy. He is unique looking, but still adorable, and the rescue hoped that someone would eventually notice him. The group began posting about Dumpling on Instagram (his named used to be Remus), which is how his new mom first saw him.

Fabio is another bald dog who has a huge following on Instagram. When Tender Loving Crested Rescue started posting about Dumpling, many people immediately noticed how similar the two dogs looked.

"Fabio is half bald as well, and people started tagging us in posts of Dumpling," Leigh Vazquez, Fabio and Dumpling's mom, told The Dodo. "People were amazed how much they both looked alike. So I reached out to the rescue and got some information on him."

Vazquez was smitten with Dumpling's photos, but she had only just adopted Fabio, and was worried about taking on another dog so soon. So she waited and waited - until finally, she decided it was just meant to be.

"I couldn't watch him get passed over time and time again and made the decision that he just had to be ours," Vazquez said.

When Dumpling first arrived in his new home, he was incredibly shy and skittish. But with his new brother Fabio by his side, Dumpling is slowly learning to be more confident.

"They have been getting very close," Vazquez said. "Fabio no longer sleeps with me; he sleeps on Dumpling's side of the bed curled up against him. Fabio wants to do everything that Dumpling does."

Even though Fabio is technically Dumpling's big brother, he's much smaller - but that doesn't stop him from loving and protecting his little brother as much as he can. They wrestle, chase each other around the house, steal each other's food and toys and spend as much time as they can just being together.

Both Fabio and Dumpling are half bald and therefore look a little different than most dogs, but now that they have each other, they don't seem so different anymore.

After having a rough start to life, Dumpling found the perfect home where he can just be himself. With his new brother Fabio by his side there isn't anything he can't overcome - except mornings.

"He HATES waking up in the morning," Vazquez said. "It's like waking up a child to go to high school on a Monday. It takes a good 20 minutes of me taking the covers off the bed, and petting him and bribing him to get him to get up and go outside. Its truly insane! When he growls he sounds like a dinosaur from Jurassic Park!"

Don't worry, Dumpling - we can ALL relate to that.