Baby Lamb Was Born Bald, So His Friends Made Him A Little Wool Coat

Skippy the lamb was born a bit different than most. Absent from his body are any of the cozy tufts of fleece that little ones like him normally need to keep warm - so it's a good thing he has such nice friends.

No one knows exactly why Skippy is bald, but his handlers on the farm in England where he lives weren't about to make him face the chilly nights unprotected.

So, borrowing some of the excess growth from his fluffier counterparts, they decided to craft him a little wool coat all his own.

"We've made a little jacket for him to wear out of an old jumper to keep him warm at night," farmhand Sally-Ann Fisher told the BBC.

There's no denying that Skippy is looking far more fashionable in that custom-made garment, and it's fortunately helped him cope with the challenges of being born bald, says Fisher:

"He's just unlucky, but he's doing great."