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Bald Eagle Owes His Life To These Heroic Brothers

Caught in a trap in the middle of the woods, a bald eagle would've surely died if nobody saw or did anything, but two brothers wouldn't let that happen.

While out on a hunting trip off Windy Lake in Ontario, two brothers, Michael and Neil Fletcher, spotted the eagle, chained to the ground.

Facebook/Michael Fletcher

Facebook/Michael Fletcher

Even tied up, the eagle's sharp beak and talons posed threats to the men and their dog. They placed a sweatshirt over the bird to calm him down.

It took a bit of maneuvering, but eventually they managed to free the bird from the trap, intended to catch animals with fur.

Facebook/Michael Fletcher

Facebook/Michael Fletcher

The brothers grabbed a quick selfie with the bird right after they freed him from the trap.

Fletcher's photo has been shared over 1,500 times on Facebook in just over 5 days.

They filmed the bird's first flight after being trapped, and it's a pretty glorious video.

Avoid putting yourself and wildlife in danger. If you find a trapped or injured animal, call a wildlife rescue team. They'll know what to do.