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Captive Bald Eagle Flies Away To Freedom During 4th Of July Show


On a day celebrating independence, America's national symbol decided to liberate himself.

During a pregame performance at Dodger Stadium, a pair of captive bald eagles shipped in from the LA Zoo were set loose to fly around and delight the crowd. Rather than return to his handler waiting in centerfield, one of the majestic birds opted instead to use the opportunity to make a break for it - soaring off through an open exit in the back.


Here's that remarkable scene again from another angle.

The symbolism of the bald eagle's own declaration of independence of sorts wasn't lost on those in attendance, some of whom tweeted words of encouragement for the newly liberated bird.

Admirable as it was, the eagle's escape was apparently short-lived. An Associated Press reporter following the poetic little scene was told that the eagle was eventually captured and returned to captivity.

All creatures long to be free, so we're glad he at least got a taste.