People Are Sending This Dog Hats From All Over The World

She was used as a bait dog and lost her ear — but she's so spoiled now.

The people who used to own Abigail thought she would be a fighter. Or, at least, the kind of dog who would encourage others to fight. A bait dog.

When she arrived at Miami-Dade Animal Services in November, she looked like a living chew toy.

"Her whole entire side of her face was missing," Victoria Frazier of Love Is Fur Ever Dog Rescue told The Dodo last month. "Her skin tissue was hanging. Most of her ear was gone."

Victoria Frazier

Abigail found her way back from the brink - with help from Pets First Wellness Center and Love Is Fur Ever. And it soon became clear: Abigail is a lover. Especially of hats.

Victoria Frazier

At first, she needed them to cover the wound on her head.

Volunteers began knitting hats in earnest, giving Abigail a style for all seasons.

Victoria Frazier

And Abigail warmed up to them from the start.

Victoria Frazier

Then the rest of the world warmed up to Abigail. As more people read the former bait dog's story, more hats started pouring in.

Victoria Frazier

So far, Abigail has more than 50. And, Frazier says, more are arriving at the rescue all the time.

Victoria Frazier

"People all over the world are following her journey," Frazier tells The Dodo today. "She get gifts weekly - from organic treats, toys, to bonnets.

"We get many people saying they look forward to her posts every day, and that Abigail has restored their faith in humanity."

Abigail still needs at least one more operation on her missing ear. You can help support her medical journey here.

Victoria Frazier

You can also help keep her head - and heart - warm by sending her a hat. Find out how here.

When Abigail is strong enough, she will be looking for a forever home. And, yes, she'll be bringing her wardrobe, too.

In the meantime, follow her journey here.