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Baby Badger Waits In Freezing Cold After Losing Her Mom

Earlier this week, a young badger was found alone and freezing in a family's garden in England.

The people who found her knew that sometimes mothers leave their young behind for periods of time, so they waited for the mother to return. After a few hours, there was still no mother in sight, so the family took the orphaned badger from their backyard in Yeovil, a small town in England, and brought her to the Secret World Wildlife Rescue (SWWR).

There, they named the badger Opal, and gave her milk and a warm place to rest.

Opal is the first badger of the new year to arrive at the SWWR, which rescued 22 orphaned badgers last year, in addition to a number of fox cubs and fawns.

If you're in the area, you can mark your calendar for Badger Bonanza in late March, an event for families to come visit the center, see the orphaned cubs up close and learn about the work the center does to rescue injured wildlife.

If you'd like to support the Secret World Wildlife Rescue, you can either donate directly or send always-needed powdered puppy milk.

Follow SWWR on Facebook for more updates on Opal and the other wildlife under medical treatment at the center.