This Airport's Guard Dog Is A Total Badass

Officially, he's a "Wildlife Control Canine," but judging by his photos, Piper's main job is looking boss as hell.

This weekend, a video of the 7-year-old guard dog at Michigan's Cherry Capital Airport blew up online - and it's easy to see why.

Among other duties, Piper is tasked with chasing birds and other small animals out of the path of incoming aircraft. In service of this, he wears some of the slickest eye and ear protection available to pups.

"Most of K-9 Piper's training revolved around obedience and off leash control," writes Piper's handler, Brian Edwards. "Chasing wildlife away comes pretty natural to this guy!"

In addition to protecting area wildlife, Piper guards the airport's perimeter, checking for holes in the fence. According to his website, Piper has patrolled almost 600 miles in his service.

Recently, Piper has primarily acted as mascot for the airport after breaking his leg chasing off a snowy owl last year. His handler, however, says the tough pup should be back in action soon.

"He absolutely loves chasing the snowy owl," Edwards told Michigan Live. "It's his favorite thing to chase and it's the thing that we've been most successful at."