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Watch This Momma Skunk Protect Her Brood From The Dreaded Sprinkler System


When the "tst, tst, tst" sound of the sprinkler draws out a skunk family living beneath a backyard shed, Momma skunk jumps into action to take on the watery, rotating menace.

Mom skunk charges at the scary sprinkler to protect her kids.

But quickly decides flight, over fight, is the best option, and drags her kids away to safety.

One baby skunk breaks free to investigate the sprinkler...

...but changes his mind quickly. Hey, that water is wet!

The little skunk decides to take one more shot at the sprinkler.

"This is close enough, right?"

Noticing one baby is missing, the mommy skunk storms towards the sprinkler menace.

And then drags her kid's furry little butt out of there!

Here is the full video of the skunk family's battle royale with this backyard sprinkler.

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