Cat So Scared In Shelter She Won't Even Show Her Face

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One heartbreaking picture captures all the fear and sadness that comes with abandonment.

Backpack the cat was found wandering the streets of Philadelphia. Wanting her to be safe, the child who found her tucked the frightened cat into a backpack and brought her to a shelter.

She ended up at the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), and her initial reaction to human kindness might just be the saddest thing we've ever seen.

In a photo posted by the shelter, the scared cat does her best to hide from everyone. Tucking her little body into a ball, she buries her head into a volunteer's arm and tries to make herself invisible.


"She is completely terrified and shut-down despite our best attempts to soothe her," PAWS wrote in a Facebook post. "She's too depressed to eat here."

Despite her terror, the unlucky cat did accept some gentle pets and head rubs, eventually lifting her head up to peer into the camera. And it's clear her life hasn't been an easy one. Her mouth appears to be a bit swollen, and she gazes into the camera with a touching mix of sullenness and fear.


Fortunately she spent the night in the care of PAWS' veterinary team, and the foster applications came rolling in as her picture was shared. On Thursday, Backpack left the clinic to go live with her new foster mom.

A photo taken after her arrival shows her lounging on the floor of her new home, looking a bit scared but much more comfortable.


"So far, so good," her foster mom wrote. "She has been here a few minutes and is exploring her room. Next up, something delicious to eat!"

It's amazing what just one day of love can do. Hopefully Backpack will finally feel safe at her new foster home - and receive the love, care and affection that this battered little cat so desperately needs.

PAWS isn't quite sure what sort of home Backpack needs yet, but if you're interested in adopting her, you can email

PAWS also has many other animals just like Backpack who need a good foster home, so if you'd like to help, you can contact or visit their website for more information.