Lost Baby Sea Lion Snuggles With Police Officers To Keep Warm

In the middle of the night, a baby sea lion was wandering Ocean Beach in California all alone, freezing, with nowhere to go. He huddled up in a stairwell to try and stay warm - until some new friends came to keep him company.

Officers from the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) arrived at the beach around 1 a.m. and found the struggling sea lion. He was clearly in distress and in need of help.

While they waited for The Marine Mammal Center of California to come and get the little guy, the officers kept him company - and helped him stay warm with some much-needed snuggles.

"Officers named the pup 'George Bison'; however, at this time it is still undetermined whether or not the pup is a male or female," the San Francisco Police Department wrote on its Facebook page. "'George' is the call sign for officers assigned to Richmond Station, and the station's softball team mascot is a bison."

The baby sea lion took to the officers right away, and seemed absolutely thrilled to no longer be alone.

"Officers were in constant communication with The Marine Mammal Center and kept the pup company until morning to ensure it didn't cross into oncoming traffic once commute hours began," the SFPD wrote.

The pup was soon retrieved by rescuers, and will hopefully be able to be released back into the wild in the future.