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Baby Rescue Bat Loves Her Special Snuggie

Rescued baby animals are often scared and missing the comfort of their moms, but one organization found a creative way to help.

Batzilla the Bat, a rescue group based in Brisbane, Australia, uses something it calls "cuddlebatz," designed by a member named Battie Blue, to help these babies feel like they are still wrapped inside their moms' wings. So, essentially ... bat lovers have created a glorified bat Snuggie. Which is amazing.

Facebook/Batzilla the Bat

Facebook/Batzilla the Bat

"Orphans sometimes arrive into care extremely distressed after the loss of their mum and a cuddlebatz allows the baby to attach to a dummy/pacifier before being snuggly wrapped in 'mum's' wings," Batzilla the Bat wrote on its Facebook page. One such orphan, little Daffodil, will take advantage of the creative swaddling device after her mother was fatally trapped in fruit tree netting.

The baby bat is wrapped up inside the bat Snuggie, where she can suck on her pacifier and finally feel safe again. Baby bats can then learn to trust their rescuers while also being the cutest things in the whole world.

Many of the baby bats rescued by Batzilla the Bat lost their moms after getting caught in fruit netting, much like Daffodil's. "Flying-fox [a species of bat] mothers are carrying little babies at this time of the year and it is so important that Australian gardeners never use any netting that you can poke a finger through as it is extremely dangerous to all wildlife but especially to flying-foxes," the group wrote.

The bat Snuggie gives the baby something to latch onto ... until she decides to latch onto her rescuer, instead.

Looks like Daffodil is not only grateful for her Snuggie, but for her rescuers, too.