Cat Finds Baby Rabbit On The Sofa And Decides To Keep Her

Life had scarcely begun when this little rabbit became an orphan.

Just a week old and his mother was dead - which would typically spell a tragically fleeting foray into this world.

But this little rabbit was taken in by a family in Rotherham, U.K., where he was named Bubbles.

And then his new mother, a cat named Snaggle Puss, found him.

Specifically, on the couch.

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As it turned out, there was plenty of room in the litter.

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Just another mouth to feed.

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Just another tiny heart to fill with a mother's love.

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Of course, they're all grown up now. The video telling their story was posted to YouTube back in 2008. The babies have doubtlessly moved on to bigger, brighter adventures.

But we'll always remember a baby rabbit named Bubbles who beat the odds by finding himself with good people. And a compassionate cat named Snaggle Puss who gave him the best of starts in life.

While Bubbles looks like a domestic rabbit, it's now the time of year when people find wild baby rabbits in their yards. Just remember, mother rabbits typically leave their babies for hours at a time. Here's how to tell if a baby rabbit needs your help - and how to ensure he gets the best chance at growing up to be a wise old rabbit.

At least, outside of having a Snaggle Puss around.

Watch the video below:

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