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Baby Bird Is Learning To Walk Again After She Slipped Out Of Her Nest

Her name is Winnie, and she's getting physical therapy now.

When a family of pigeons took up residence outside a woman's home, she noticed that one of the baby birds was a little different from the others.

The baby pigeon - who would come to be called Winnie - had legs that stuck out at extreme angles at both sides of her little body. And the woman was concerned for the little bird's health, so she contacted Wildlife Haven Waterloo (WHW), a wildlife rescue organization in Ontario, Canada, who agreed to help get Winnie back on her feet.

"Upon arrival at WHW, Winnie was examined, bathed, treated for parasites and given a nice hearty meal. She arrived quite thin and hungry," WHW wrote.

It turns out that Winnie has a condition called "spraddle leg" or "splay leg." The condition occurs when the nesting area "is too slick for the bird to grasp," WHC explained. "This condition causes the bones and sockets of the legs and feet to bend outward, or in Winnie's case, sideways."

The people at WHW are determined to help Winnie walk again. The way to correct splay leg is a kind of physical therapy where Winnie's legs are bound together so that they can be retrained. "This is not always successful," WHW wrote, "but we have our fingers crossed that this will help this baby get onto her feet."

Until then, she has a safe place to call home while she gets stronger.