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Man Climbs Into Dumpster To Save Abandoned Baby Owls

Two baby owls found themselves in a place no animal deserves to live last week - the trash.

Arizona Humane Society

At only 5 weeks old, they were unable to fly out. There wasn't a nest or a mother owl in sight.

Arizona Humane Society

But someone saw them and realized they needed help - so they reached out to the Phoenix Police Department in Arizona for assistance.

In turn, the police department reached out to the emergency rescue service with the Arizona Humane Society (AHS).

Arizona Humane Society

Andy Gallo, of the AHS, arrived on the scene and, without hesitation, climbed into the dumpster to pull out the young owls.

Arizona Humane Society

Since the owls appeared to be in good health, more than likely someone purposely abandoned them, Bretta Nelson, public relations manager at AHS, told The Dodo. "But sadly, it is unlikely that we will ever know who did that."

"It is important for people to know that if they can no longer care for their animals or if they witness suspected cases of animal cruelty or neglect that they call for help," she said.

Arizona Humane Society

The two baby owls are now in the care of AHS' partner organization, Wild at Heart Raptors, a rescue, rehabilitation and release center.

Want to help the Arizona Humane Society and Wild at Heart Raptors continue making a difference in the lives of animals? Consider making a donation here and here.

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