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16 Animals Who Lost A Mom — But Gained A Teddy Bear

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There are few things sadder than baby animals without their mothers. Rescue groups can provide them with food, shelter and care - but baby animals need constant love and attention as well.

Fortunately, they've found a pretty good alternative: stuffed animals. Here are 16 orphaned animals who might not have their mothers, but still get plenty of cuddles.

This orphaned orangutan who can't sleep without someone to snuggle up against.

This orphaned sloth who loves to hug his cuddly dolphin.

This sweet bear who lost his mother but gained a friend.

... but has stuffed animals to keep her warm throughout the night.

This lamb who lost her mother but has a soft white monkey friend.

This sweet sloth whose substitute mom looks just like the real thing.

This orphaned wallaby who loves his teddy.

This little lamb who misses her mother but takes comfort in her stuffed animal family.

These incredible lamb babies who look like stuffed animals themselves.

And this bucket o' sloth orphans, who will just have to learn to share.