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Baby Orangutan Is About To Discover There's More To Life Than Chains

She had nothing - but now she has a name: Kejora.

When palm oil farmers discovered an infant orangutan, they took her and chained her to a door.

At only a year and a half old, she's spent six months of her life like that - terrified, malnourished and in chains.

The Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS) Foundation - an organization that works to rehabilitate orangutans who have lost everything because palm oil farms have ravaged their natural habitat in Indonesia - came to the rescue of this baby.

"The worker who was caring for her said he found her in a small forest area behind the nursery," the organization wrote on their website. "We know that an orangutan mother would never leave her baby alone, and we have no doubt that her mother must have been killed."

Even though Kejora has only been with the BOS Foundation for a few days, she's already showing signs of improvement.The organization wrote on Facebook Thursday that her "appetite has been good and her belly looks fuller now."

Facebook/BOS Foundation

Facebook/BOS Foundation

The organization added that the "trauma that we previously saw etched on her tiny face has dissipated ... We can never replace her mother, but we do promise to do our utmost in providing her with all the love, care and support she will need over the coming months and years."

Facebook/BOS Foundation

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