This Is The Baby Opossum The World Has Been Waiting For

Hey, little baby opossum. What seems to be the problem?

In this image garnering all the oooohs and ahhhhhs in the world on Facebook, she certainly looks a little ... piqued.

Or maybe she's still just figuring out what expressions to use to convey various emotions.

After all, while we don't know exactly how old she is - or where she was even found, for that matter - she certainly looks young. Too young to be without a mama opossum.

Luckily, baby opossums are crafty creatures. And, as we reported last month, when they find love, they tend to latch onto it with all their hearts.


It turns out every baby opossum has "love me" written all over her face.

The National Opossum Society (aren't you glad there is one?) offers a raft of facts on opossums. But above all, the group says on its website, they're "gentle and placid."

And sloooow. In fact, when frightened, an opossum will freeze. It's the involuntary reaction that coined the term "playing possum."

But who would want to frighten an opossum?

Indeed, opossums in distress have been getting a helping hand for, literally, generations.

Facebook / Michael Gates

According to the Opossum Society of the United States (OSUS), the first thing to do if you stumble across a motherless opossum is take a good look around.

And listen.

Lots of babies may only appear orphaned, with mom hanging around nearby. They often communicate with each other through sounds that sound a lot like sneezing.

If baby's truly orphaned, OSUS recommends contacting the organization here. Or email You can also call animal control, but make sure the agency does NOT put down opossums.