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Woman Walking Her Dog Stumbles Upon The Tiniest Bundle Of Fur

J.J. is so tiny he's fed with a little syringe.

A woman was walking her dog in Tracy, California, when she saw a tiny and wet ball of fur.

She'd been crossing a high school sports field when she stopped and looked closer. The little tuft of fur was a tiny jackrabbit - and he was very cold and all alone.

So the lady brought the little guy to a local vet, the Jules Veterinary Center, which contacted Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary, where people gave the baby jackrabbit a warm and safe place to stay until wildlife rehabilitators came for him.

They named him Junior Jack, or J.J. for short.

While J.J. was waiting for his ride to WildCare, where he'll be rehabilitated for release back into the wild, he warmed up in cozy blankets and had something to eat.

"The rehab facility estimates J.J. was just a couple days old when he was found," Christine Morrissey, of Harvest Home, told The Dodo after J.J. was successfully transported to WildCare this week. "I would expect the jack's rehab timeline to be at least a month to allow the little one grow and gain weight," Morrissey said.

According to WildCare, J.J. is already on his way, as he's "eating well. [He] ate all solids overnight and [is] getting the hang of syringe feeding."

And each day he's a little bigger and more active.

With so many people coming together to help him, it's no wonder he's getting stronger.

To donate to J.J.'s care at WildCare, click here. To donate to Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary, click here.

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