Hippo Tries To Shimmy Her Way Into Family Huddle, Struggles Terribly

<p>Gavin Udal/Caters News Agency<span></span></p>

This baby hippo wants to be warm, but she's just so tiny that no one's noticing.

Gavin Udal was at South Africa's Lake St. Lucia when he spotted the chubby youngster trying to force his way into a ring of adults.

"The baby didn't want to be left outside where she could be attacked by other bull hippos and crocodiles," Udal said. "It was also a very cold day, so she would also want to get warmth and shelter from the wind in between the other hippos."

The little hippo stood on her hind legs to assess the situation ...

Gavin Udal/Caters News Agency

... then catapulted over their backs, her little legs waving in the air.

Gavin Udal/Caters News Agency

After struggling for a while, she eventually wormed her way into the center of her family.

Gavin Udal/Caters News Agency

"The baby snuggled right down in the middle, so you couldn't see it," Udal explained. "It was the first time I've seen something like this."

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