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Watch This Baby Gorilla Try To Pound His Chest For The First Time

A baby gorilla was hanging out in the forest, minding his own business, when a thought struck him. He realized something was missing ... something keeping him from making that leap into adulthood.

He hadn't learned how to pound his chest yet, like the big gorillas do. Gorillas pound their chests to communicate to younger gorillas that they're in charge.

So, when he thought no one was looking, he decided to give it a go.


His first try was a little shaky. But, if at first you don't succeed, try, try again.

And so he did ...


... but didn't quite nail it.

Determined to master the chest-pounding skill of his elders, the little gorilla geared up for his third try and gave it EVERYTHING he had ...


... but kind of took things a little TOO far. The overly excited little gorilla banged on his chest harder than he meant to and completely fell over. He still seemed pretty pleased with himself though, and that's what counts!

Check out the full adorable video below:

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