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Baby Goats Frolicking On Playground Are Having The Best Day Ever

Playgrounds are for kids of all kinds. That's what Shelly Palmer was thinking when she added a playset to her farm in Brookneal, Va., to keep her critters entertained. "Everyone who goes by my farm says they think I run a daycare due to all the toys, until they see the [goat] babies and adults too playing out there," says Palmer, who used to raise Boer goats -- and now just keeps the frolicking four-footed friends on her farm. And from the looks of it, she's keeping them very entertained.

"Come on guys! This slippery blue mountain is the greatest!"

Check out the full video of the slide fun here.

Follow the leader!

A race to the finish!

Is this a game of tag -- or taaaag?

The kids are jumping (and hopping. And running) for joy!

For the full video of the galloping fun, click here.