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Little Goat Couldn't Be Happier About His Fancy New Sweater

There's a lesson for all of us in this baby goat's hippity-hoppity happiness with a pile of rubble.

Be happy with what you're given in life. Got rocks? Make rock-anade. Or ... rock juice.

Or ... just watch this video.

We don't know much about this little goat - the clip was posted on Imgur this week by a user named N8the0K. We also know he's among the happy, humane stable of animals at Goats of Anarchy, a website and popular Instagram account dedicated to showing the world "the wonderful personalities of goats."

We also know this little goat is in possession of some seriously astounding acrobatics.

And that he's rocking, perhaps, the sweetest baby-goat sweater we've ever seen.

Sometimes, the message is really that simple.

Go be delighted.

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