Cutest Baby Goat Loves Mom So Much He Can't Stop Hugging Her

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This baby goat really, really loves his mom.

A recent video shows the bouncy baby clambering on top of mom every chance he gets.

As she relaxes on the grass, her baby pounces, wrapping his little forelegs around her neck in a goat version of a hug.

YouTube/Cymeon Maksymalny

When he falls off he tries to sneak up on her, quite literally smothering her in love.

YouTube/Cymeon Maksymalny

At one point, his very patient mom decides she needs a break and walks away.

YouTube/Cymeon Maksymalny

But her baby's still happy as long as he's near her, bouncing away behind her.

YouTube/Cymeon Maksymalny

We might be different species, but, as this sweet pair shows, the bond between a mother and her baby is universal.

Watch the adorable full video below - complete with much more goat affection.

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