Happy Baby Elephant Takes Swim With Human Best Friend

When's the best time to go swimming? If your best friend is a baby elephant named HanSa, the answer is whenever HanSa says so.

Last year, staff at Thailand's Elephant Nature Park documented the special bond HanSa shared with a worker named Darrick, uploading a video of the two frolicking in a river to YouTube.


"She wants to go swimming," explained Darrick at the time. "Yesterday, she came up really wanted me to go swimming with her and she was upset that I didn't."

Fortunately for HanSa, Darrick was able to make her wish come true. And fortunately for us, it was all caught on camera:

click to play video

If you'd like to help the sanctuary take care of HanSa and elephants like her, consider making a donation to the Save The Elephant Foundation by clicking here.