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Baby Elephant Spots A Watermelon And Does What It Takes To Get Some

There's not much most of us wouldn't do for food, and this baby elephant totally has the same mentality.

A baby elephant at the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand was just hanging out when he noticed that one of his friends was holding a watermelon. This particular baby elephant happens to really, REALLY love watermelon.

For whatever reason, his friend wouldn't give up the watermelon at first - and so the hungry elephant was forced to take drastic measures.

The baby elephant chases his friend down, just to try and get a bite of the tasty watermelon.

I have to say, that guy is pretty brave. If a hungry baby elephant were chasing me, I would totally just give him the watermelon. Don't stand in the way of a man and his food - especially when that man is a large, playful elephant.

I'm sure he got the watermelon eventually. Baby elephants seem very persuasive.