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Baby Elephant Who Lost His Parents Finds An Unlikely New Mom

Amanzi started out his life as a lonely, stranded orphan - but these days he has an entirely new family to support him, including one very special lamb.

On February 16, Elephants Alive, an organization based in Limpopo, South Africa, received a troubling phone call. Electrical services workers had discovered a baby elephant trapped in a mine's holding dam, according to a blog post recounting the rescue.

The calf was found with scuff marks all over his body, reportedly from fellow elephants trying to help him out.

Eventually, Amanzi was successfully pulled out of the holding dam by rescuers from Elephants Alive. He had likely been left by his own family. However, attempts to reintroduce him into nearby elephant breeding herds failed - one herd's matriarch even went so far as to push the orphaned calf off his feet. Weak, underweight and dehydrated, Amanzi needed swift action to save his life, so the Elephants Alive team rushed him to the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre (HESC), where he could begin to heal.

Now, a young elephant who faced distress and rejection ...

... is experiencing love and well-wishes for a speedy recovery.

Despite Amanzi's steady improvement since being brought into human care, he's still not out of the woods entirely. The baby elephant continues to struggle with dehydration. A Facebook update on Sunday said Amanzi is now on a drip to help with rehydration.

Just a couple of days ago, however, a heartwarming clip of Amanzi sticking close to one lamb named Lammie was shared by HESC. Amanzi is inseparable from his newfound surrogate mother and follows her everywhere she goes.



Apparently, this isn't the first time Lammie has taken in a different species as one of her own - she's been known to guide rhinos, so it's no surprise she gets along with Amanzi so well. A motherly figure is exactly what a baby like Amanzi needs, for company and comfort.

Watch the sweet clip of Lammie and Amanzi bonding below.

Consider making a donation to HESC toward Amanzi's recovery here. You can also follow HESC and Elephants Alive on Facebook to keep track of all latest updates concerning Amanzi.