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Confused Baby Elephant Chases After Man Who Just Sold Her Away

This baby elephant is not a "thing" - but, like so many others like her, that's how she's treated.

"She has just been sold and is heartbroken to have to leave her master," writes Wild Films India, in the video's description on YouTube. "As the master drives away on his motorcycle after having sold her at Asia's largest animal fair, she chases after him, and semi-growls semi-cries to be taken back."

Although it's unclear what fate awaits the elephant, or how she came to be captive, her desperation speaks volumes. Indeed, this tragic scene, reportedly filmed at India's Sonepur Mela festival, offers a fleeting glimpse at the sadness of animals illegally bought and sold as mere commodities.

Animal Recovery Mission (ARM), a U.S.-based rescue organization, recently got an inside look at how living beings are treated at the annual festival, writing on The Dodo:

The animals are forced to stand, restrained in their excrements and filth, for days or until sold or traded out of their possession. Elephants with obvious and apparent ailments are given no sympathy, care or attention, they are simply for show and profit.

Click here to read ARM's exposé on the Sonepur Mela festival in full, and to sign your name to a petition calling for the abuses there to end.